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Employee Business Expenses

Don't overlook Employee Business Expenses. You will miss out on deductions you are allowed to take!   

Unreimbursed employee business expenses are allowed as a miscellaneous itemized deduction.  The expenses must be ordinary and necessary.  An expense is ordinary if it is common and accepted in your type of business.  An expense is necessary if it is appropriate and helpful to your business.  

Most common types of deductible employee business expenses are professional dues, safety equipment required by an employer, and business travel.  You may also take deductions for the cost of uniforms and other special work clothes that are not suitable for everyday wear, including the cost of cleaning the clothing.  Some other commonly overlooked employee business expenses include:

  • Transportation between two jobs in the same day.
  • Certain legal fees to protect taxable income.
  • Subscriptions to professional and trade magazines.
  • Job search expenses.
  • Tools and supplies used in your work.
  • Licenses and regulatory fees.
  • Computer and cell phone required by employer.
  • Education that maintains or improves your current job skills

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